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bam bam.
08-25-2014, 05:24 AM
In amongst the 95% negative gree moves I try to mention the good things when they pop up.

This is another positive seeing lower faction ranks getting boosts. Also with mods that are useful, building outputs, upgrade cost reduction.

Lower factions need game play mods to keep them interested, a boost to stats doesn't help the lil guy boost his few million to a few million point something when the big guys now have a couple Billion in stats (might b time to wipe six zeros off everybody--->we have run out of room on our screens lol).

Thanks for listening to us on this one.

Continue on the theme of 'game play' mods if u want to keep the lil guys interested (multiple building upgrades, health regens, energy, time reduction, land expansion cost/speed). Obviously the big guys get these too but there is no catching top 10 unless u r in the top 10 so who cares. More fun for everybody.

08-25-2014, 11:51 AM
One of the on going issues I see Gree having is the massive gap. The game is a good cash winner but unless they find a way to resolve the gap issue it must die a horrible death, sadly.

It may be time for them to start looking at following other long term successful games that still attract new players and have enough end game content to keep the long term cash cows spending.

Splitting WD might be an idea they could look at.

Have 4 WD weekends each month (Gree's favorite pack in even more events). Each one with an increasing set of prizes that would appeal to different levels of players.

Each faction must sign up for only 1 of the 4 per month. Start with the weakest prizes and build toward the main event.

Limit prize distribution in each event like top 100-2000 depending on how big a chunk of the playing community you can draw to each event.

For final weekend make it a top 100 event. As many teams as think they can muster the force to win a spot can enter (but must not have entered a previous event either as a faction or as an individual). Prizes only for those that actually claim a spot in the top 100.

An event that forces players to put their money where their mouth is (Gree's kind of event). Lower tiers could be top 1000 or scale from 2k -500 but have separate prize pools and it would give us 4 winners and 4 separate struggles for 1st place.

It would also mean you could build a faction with newer players and go after something that was within reach as opposed to the current events that are so far out of reach for new players there is no incentive to try.

08-25-2014, 12:51 PM
An idea I had a while ago is along the lines of "WD Weekend". It goes like this:

Every territory currently has corresponded with some bonus units (Faction prizes for WD points) and and a LTB (most territories anyway). Everyone has the opportunity to build the LTB but only the top factions get the best rewards for that territory's WD event.

I proposed to shorten WD to 1-2 days and hold it every weekend, with the following changes:
* Every territory is up for grabs during WD.
* Every territory has a corresponding unique (large) bonus. (e.g. +30% Air Attack, +2 building upgrade, +15 energy regen, -40% Casualty, etc), as well as an LTB (e.g. France: Arc de Triomphe)
* At the beginning of WD faction leader declares war on up to 5 particular territories
* At the end of WD, points are tallied and for each territory, the top 100 factions declaring war on the territory get control of the territory. (Factions can control only 1 territory at a time - See footnote 1)
* Factions controlling a territory have the ability to build that territory's LTB (e.g. Ireland: Curragh Engineering)
* At the end of WD, factions who don't rank in the 5 territories they chose will have the option to 'retreat' to a territory with an open bonus slot on a '1st-come-1st-serve' basis. As a result most factions should be able to receive a bonus and build a LTB, but maybe not the one they wanted.
* During WD factions receive a territorial point bonus which is a percentage of the sum of all points for all factions controlling their current territory (see Footnote 2 for an example)

Once per month an ordinary 2-3 WD is held which opens up a new territory. The new territory is 'attacked' so it's an opportunity for 100 factions to temporarily take control of 2 territories. With the territory point bonus new factions as well as old can have a chance to control 2 territories (for example, if you're in a territory controlled by 1 or more top-10 factions).

Footnote 1:
Although Factions can declare against 5 territories, they can control only 1 at the end of WD. For example, say a Faction declares against Cuba, China, Egypt, India, and Argentina. At the end of WD they rank 36 in Cuba, 49 in China, and 82 in Egypt (unranked in India and Argentina). They will take control of Cuba and receive the Cuba bonus and be able to build Carcel del Cuba. They join 99 other factions who also control Cuba.

Footnote 2:
Example: A faction earns 1,000,000 WD points and during WD the other 99 factions in their territory earn a sum of 75,000,000 WDP. The faction receives 10% of this for a total of 8,500,000 WDP which goes toward determining their rank in the territory they're attacking (or defending). The additional WDP does NOT count toward faction WD bonuses. The effect of this territorial bonuses is that newer/weaker factions can have a better chance at capturing the territory they want with the help of their territorial factions, and large/experienced factions who form alliances with other factions can strategically target and territories together.

Let me know what you guys think, and I'd like to get some feedback from Gree people like Taadaah.

08-25-2014, 05:38 PM
I don't see where this game can go, and still grow.
Your ideas are great attempts, but I don't see them bringing back the sheep that have strayed, or the lambs that have yet to graze in the Gree pasture.