View Full Version : Help for small faction to finish regular 513202415

08-28-2014, 11:27 AM
Please come help us. We are on regular 21/22 we really want to finish the regular goals only 2 hrs 20 minutes to go. We are a small faction with a few already helping. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Only 2 hours 25 minutes to go.



08-28-2014, 12:51 PM
Last hour please help

09-04-2014, 06:55 PM
Would you be interested in a merge??? Below is what I have been posting all over the place. We are a small faction too and would like to get stronger but you need people to do that. No sure how many players you have but take a look at our stats and let me know in groupme or join the squad

NO GOLD REQUIRED!!!!! Band of Brothers II (762-026-476) is looking for active Players to join our Ranks. We have cut all the dead weight from our team and currently 20 spots to fill. We do not have a strength requirement either because if you are active you will get strong fast.

We do not have any faction BS here or any large egos to deal with. We are just a group of people that like to play regularly. All we ask is donate to the faction regularly and help in all of the faction events you can. Gold is not required but some if us use it from time to time, we leave that up to you. GroupMe is required.

If your team is interested please go to the GroupMe link below and join so we can chat or just join the team at 762-026-476


Our Stats:

Health Regen: -26%
Building Defense: Max
Infantry Defense: Max
Ground Defense: +30%
Air Defense: +20%
Sea Defense: +15%
Infantry Attack: +10%
Ground Attack: +5%
Building Output: +15%

This is a game that requires help from other players, you cannot do it alone, trust me. Join our squad and let us help you get stronger. We look forward to playing with you.