View Full Version : PvP mission

Lord Jetson
09-01-2014, 12:17 AM
I would like to say that this game is a good game but this PvP missions event is for the birds.First this event is not player vrs. Player as your opponent is controlled by the computer and does not think.Also since Gree changed the format from choosing from 6 opponents to now 3 which is rated hard,average and easy achieving good win streaks is near impossible.I myself have great units and can do some damage in this event but find it hard to put more than 10 to 12 wins in a row to as before I could put streaks of 20 to say 50 in a row because I had more opponents to choose from.Now that said this PvP should be revamped in some way or scrapped because It is very shall I say very boring and one can not engage for very long to create streaks unless one spends a ton of money to keep streaks alive or just hack the servers like some do and steal gold from you Gree and just keep playing on.The past Epic Boss event was what more missions should be like,combined individual and team work to win battles and rewards that are reasonable for teamwork.Now there were and still a lot of issues for the first time event but more events like this create a lot more intrest and fun compared to this PvP mission crap we are experiencing now.One idea for a better mission fo PvP would be say battles that an alliance vs alliance competition of sorts could be created since one needs to be in an alliance to get black market bonus.