View Full Version : rampage recruiting !!!

09-01-2014, 01:29 PM
I am looking to recruit some minis for the upcoming war.
if your mini isnt getting into your faction during war times they are welcome here
people just starting the game are also welcome
there is no minimum donation required and anything you do donate will be used wisely
accounts will not get kicked after the war and you you are happy with the results you are welcome to stay as long as you want.
i have played the game for over a year and have always been part of top factions (i have jumped about between top 50 and top 250 factions), i have good strategies for war time as a result of this and have access to good intel for during the war.
this faction has only been created about 2 months and has had over 10 bil invested into its bank, i will try to keep up the donations so the faction can progress faster

pm me if you are interested

Faction bonuses
7/7 35% inf def
4/7 20% ground def
3/7 15% air def
2/7 10% sea def
1/7 5% inf att
3/7 15% building def
3/7 15% building output
6/7 26% health regen