View Full Version : Need some clarity in versus event.

09-01-2014, 02:54 PM
I will try to word this as best as I can. Another leader in the alliance I am in raised a good point about the versus points percentage multipliers that you receive in battle. He is saying now that he is at a 300 kill streak with 100% bonus points and getting roughly 650 points per battle, he says that 100% should be applied and he should be getting 650+650 for a total of 1300 points. I explained to him that this system has always been in tact and I can only assume that you get 10% each win streak and that percentage is added to the previous points earned??? I thought this was right so after he won his first battle he received 151 points. Now the points multiplier went up to 10% so doing the math he should have received more or less 166 points, but he did not. He actually got closer to 200. So now I need to know exactly how these percentages work. I know that they increase in increments of 10% after each streak until I believe streak 15 but I cannot figure out how the math works here and when and where these percentages apply. As I stated above I did the math and it did not come out right. I need some clarity here. (Yes I know your units determine total points awarded but obviously my question is strictly about the math here). I hope I explained this throughly enough to raise some concerns or maybe some simple clarification.

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