View Full Version : [Master Plan] Changes to the old "Cycle"

Vile Lynn
09-01-2014, 03:04 PM
After looking at the Master Plan after SA, I think there are 3 different types of war cycles: 3 different types of war:
3-Day War
Street Assult

We don't have, anymore,
every 3-4 weeks:
(in no particular order)
Collect 10 Box
LB Box
then War

The Master Plan has been changed so there's a few events and a mini- war; a few more events and in 10 days, SA, a few more events and in another 10 days, 3-day war... See what GREE has done here?

Basically, every 10 days, syndicates will battle each other.

(Makes sense now why they don't put the LEBs on the MP.)

sister morphine
09-01-2014, 03:52 PM
Hardly surprising when "top syndicates" have demonstrated they're incapable of keeping their hands off the credit card.

09-01-2014, 06:58 PM
I'd say really it's every 7 days, basically every weekend. previously the major weekend events were war, SLTQ, RB... Repeat.
Now the main weekend events are (probably going to be) war, SA, mini war.
And yep, it's because the t10 will keep spending.
You can't really blame gree, they're just exploiting the spend pattern, there are people who have a budget for this game that doesn't change irrespective of events (which I highly recommend), but there are others who prioritize being in a high ranking syndicate that will always defend it's rank. Folks who get burned out are just replaced by new folks. It's actually a fascinating thing to watch.

09-01-2014, 07:36 PM
A 6 week cycle would be ok.

The 24hr could be halfway through it and the 3-day war could be at the end.

Plenty of time for events, but more importantly, rest and time off!!

09-02-2014, 05:58 AM
when is raid boss?

09-02-2014, 06:54 AM
when is raid boss?

Based on how many uzis I have accumulated and the fact it's been about 2-3 weeks since the last one, my guess is Saturday (the 6th) after the 24 hour. That way teams can deal with all the easiest rounds on the weekend and get stuck with the marathon of level 100s at some point during the week. Because another 2B health increase isn't challenging enough.

09-02-2014, 08:16 AM
the battle this weekend is 24 hr? Man that's enough already..So when would be real battle? I'm all confused

09-02-2014, 08:19 AM
rb wont be this week.

Vile Lynn
09-02-2014, 08:58 AM
This scheduling mix-up has me all confused, too.
The old MP schedule must have been too predictable. *shrugs*
I won't change my gold spending habit, which is turning from very lite to nonexistent, but I'm sure there are many players struggling to spend more and more in the top syndicates with 2-3 more SynLB events: 11hr war, 24hr war, SA, etc...

What's next? A Syndicate PvP Tourney with LB? Whatever happened to that event?
The Syn LB events seem to be where the most gold gets spent since some syndicates have to rank high (not to mention syn-mate/peer pressure to stay in a top syn.)

Totally guessing, but I think RB will begin after the Friday/Saturday Mini-24h War.

I wish our mods were here to help us more.

09-02-2014, 09:49 AM
yep time to cut back for sure

09-02-2014, 10:48 AM
Pick one event and spend. That's what I do. 1 vault for 3 day war. Thanks top 10 syndicates for spending more so gree gets paid more. I dont know who's worse gree or taw/sas