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Beach Head
09-02-2014, 10:50 AM
Sealteam-6 and Seal Knights 6

!!! +1 Regen in Frontline !!!
!!! 5th in Frontline !!!
!!! 5th in Frontline !!!

ST-6 (18 consecutive Top 10 finishes)
? In Thailand with 50+ Wins
? In Bangkok with 30+ Wins
5th in Argentina with 52 Wins
7th in Zimbabwe 56 Wins & 9 Streak!!
4th in Peru with 58 Wins!!
3RD IN INDONESIA 50+ Wins!!!
3RD IN JAKARTA + 30 Wins!!!!!!

SK-6 (Formerly Proving Grounds ST-6)

!!! 35th in Frontline !!!
!!! 20th in Frontline !!!

24th in Argentina
28th in Zimbabwe
15th in Peru
52nd In Indonesia
26th in Greece
24th in Zambia

Highly organized, we complete all Faction Events!!!
Do you have what it takes?

WD - 200k Minimum
Donations - 15 Million Cash Daily Minimum

WD - 75k Minimum
Donations - 5 million daily

Interested!?!? Look for this Line ID: octanemw in Line chat apps. Good Luck!
ST-6 = 369510854
SK-6 = 357417987
You must also have proof of WD points.
No Time Wasters Please.

Truth (FF) 213-597-413
09-02-2014, 11:05 AM
Hello ST6 or who it may concern, me and my faction "Fight Firm" are looking to do a faction merge! A little about us, I have been playing the game for about a year now and in the last 4-5 months have become very competitive and active. At the moment we have 33/48 active members who all use GroupMe. We require the use of GroupMe, i like my members to be a minmum of at least 10 mil stats. I personally donate 10 mil a day. Some of my members can do 5 mil a day some cant because of IPH. We may have better bonuses as well here they are:

Health Regen Time - +35%
Ground Attack - +10%
Ground Defense - +30%
Air Attack - +5%
Air Defense - +20%
Infantry Attack - +15%
Infantry Defense - +35%
Sea Defense - +15%
Building Defense - +25%
Building Output - +20%
Guild Member Increase - +28

My main goal is to bring everybody along during this merge. Some players are more expendable than others and some of us have mini's we would be willing to remove to make room for all the best player. We usually finish around top 400 in War so with this merge we should be top 300. Please let me know how this sounds. 213 597 413