View Full Version : Your faction doesn't want you for war? We do!!!

General Nu
09-04-2014, 11:14 PM
Did you get kicked from your faction because of your high level? Do you have low stats for your level? Are you just tired of the constant money grab and unattainable rewards? If you said yes to either of these questions we want you in our faction.

The General Nuisances is a former top 250 faction that has bowed out of the second job that playing this game has become. We are a mix of long time members and new players as discribed above. We are seeking EXPERIENCED high level players preferably with high capacity energy meters for FLTQ/ltq. We emphasis sustainable play for enjoyment which translates into play at your own pace. You still have to be reasonably active.

Direct add 679692373 or private message me to pre-confirm a spot.

Cash output 35% (MAXED)
Health Regen -30% (MAXED)
Building defense 35% (MAXED)
Infantry defense 35% (MAXED)
Ground defense 35% (MAXED)
Air Defense 35% (MAXED)
Sea Defense 35% (MAXED)
Infantry attack 25%
Ground attack 20%
Air attack 10%
Sea attack 5%
Casualty bonus -10%
Guild Member Increase +38