View Full Version : Tonight's upgrade removed shells and pearls from current quest: be careful

09-08-2014, 10:43 PM
Title says it all, really. In typical fashion the update is problematic. Quest times vanished from the current quest i was completing when the update installed the new quest design format. Some flags need to be added to this release. Perhaps the kind that identify existing quests from future ones, or just a caution flag so we dont all run into each other reporting problems.

09-09-2014, 12:15 AM
Leave the game open for a few minutes until it downloads the latest dataset and restart. Your buildings, shells, stats will be back to normal. Same applies every time you reinstall the game.

09-09-2014, 03:48 AM
Ppl are so clueless....its funny. :p

09-09-2014, 04:02 PM
yup getitfixed they sure are. i think you were referring to me, but im referring to you. i posted thst here for a reason, a few of them actually. now i just got $100 back from iTunes Store, by showing them the post on greees forum, that they did nothing, not even rep;y, and that other eople also had post - upgrade issues from slow server time to crashes to missing items. so in all my cluelessness i managed to effectively have gree pay me $100 to play their game, and boy, your snide words sure do sting in light of the fact gree provides me with money to play, not the other way around. Call me Viciously, Happliy Clueless. Im taking it to the bank, literally.