View Full Version : Looking for a new home? Consistent top 250-150 faction looking for some new blood.

Arctic Redleg
09-11-2014, 01:55 PM
Looking for a low stress high activity team? Look no further. Come join Maxis. We are a consistent top 250-150 team looking to push into the top 150 and higher.

Use Docbot during WD, and have several wall bangers so that mains can score points.

Have several openings.

We are truly low stress and a lot of fun.

All defensive bonuses Maxed.
Health Regen Maxed.
6/7 on Building Output.
5/7 on Infantry Attack
4/7 on Ground Attack and Air Attack
3/7 on Casualty Rate and Sea Attack

Ideal candidates would be in the 70M and up A/D range with a decent IPH.
Need to score at least 30K WD points.
Gold is not a requirement but
We finish Raid Boss Prestige and wrapper, Epic Boss plus wrappers and FLTQ's

Hit up our recruit room at the following link....

Or reply to this thread.

09-11-2014, 05:07 PM
If Interested~~~

SOLO STATS with no faction:
Level: 250
Attack: 83.5 million
Defense: 75 million
Income Per Hour: 7.1 million
Energy: 3,680
Stamina: 53
STATS+ 10-20 million in a faction.

Generous donater although not a gold user. Organized factions only please. On all day and night! Use phone app such as LINE or GROUPME for communication.

GAME ID: 468 039 776

09-16-2014, 05:10 PM
I'm very active at LV 66
Atk: 56,778,779
Def: 44,423,764

IPH: $618,797

Was in a top 250 but the faction became inactive..
Can hit 15k WD but I'm a little to no gold user