View Full Version : Semi retired faction needs folders

09-13-2014, 08:43 PM
Pardon me if I name drop but I'm desperate. I'm the current leader of the faction originally created by Red Solo Cup. We are a group of close friends that have semi retired from the game and play now just for fun and free. We are housing some ex top ten guys mostly from VFF. Perhaps some of you remember VQ and DH/Haywood.

I'm aware, as I just came back home from an extended trip in a top 75ish faction, that you guys in the top factions often have more than enough folders to get you through the raid boss event. I hate to beg and this is the first time I've ever pleaded for help on the forums from other factions, but we are needing folders. Either as a kindness for some of you guys ex teammates or just to help out some old friends, I ask if anyone has a few extra folders to please send them our way.

We don't have the manpower to go far but I'm hoping to finish normal. Not sure the exact number we need but any would be appreciated. Thanks in advance to any who come to help.
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