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09-16-2014, 10:01 PM
Alright. TADAAAH!!!! Listen up. I am gonna give you an earful and a mouthful. I have played this game for a long time. Spent money, too! And I have been patient for so long with Gree. But this last problem had pissed me the **** off. I have had it.
Your customer service sucks so bad. The game is alright but every time I need help your support team is the laziest team I've ever talked to. I've had problems in the past but none this bad. I recently lost my account. Just disappeared from my device and was replaced with a slightly higher lvl account. I was not happy cause I was logging on last Thursday to join a faction for Frontline Assault. So I emailed Customer support. I wanted to be able to play. I waited. No response that night. Or Friday as the event went on. The weekend passed. I have missed the Raid Boss event now. I waited over 4 days and missed two events and have already started to miss this Juju event and just now got a repsonse saying my lost account will be recovered. I am f****** pissed that it took you this long to answer. Is it really that hard to reply to a problem? And I don't think finding an account in which I already gave all the needed info for would be too difficult. Did I mention I sent 4 emails? Funny thing is though. I decided I would try something. I emailed Gree for info on the gold program yesterday. They got back to me today. Now that pissed me off.
You got back to me pretty damn fast about the gold program but can't help me recover my lost account. What is that all about?
If you would like, and I think you should; you should have me come work at your company and teach your employees some good ways of providing customer service. Cause I know what it's all about. Been working a customer service job since I can remember. Had we been face to face our conversation would have gotten nasty and I would have cussed you out for how your corporation treats not only me but all the players of this game. It's pitiful. You need to do what is right and provide some real game support. And you need to honor all of us who spend money on this game. And don't get the rewards they paid for. It happened to me. It has happened to many friends. Stop scamming us and cheating us out of our money. It gets old. And if you drop the ball like you did with me you should do the thing. I missed out on lots of good rewards and bonuses for Frontline Assault. Lots of individual goals and my account could have fine well from those bonuses. You should in my case and those of others. When you mess up. Give us those rewards. At least the basic ones. Cause I know for a fact I would have done well and completed most of those goals in FA had I been able to play. Yet you take forever to find my account. In the meantime I'm missing out on so much gameplay.
I want you to change and for the better. I want this game to be fun like it once was and be fair. I want you Gree to do the right thing when you mess up. And not be such douches about stuff.
And improve your damn customer service. Ill be sending my résumé in soon to work at your company.
Have a nice day.

Here is an email I just sent off as well. Ill have to copy and paste it cause I can't upload the photo. You need to fix my problem so I can continue playing.

Alright. I'm very angry now. I asked for help recovering my lost account that you (Gree) did something with. It just was gone on my device last week. I have missed all events since last Thursday. And I didn't get a response to any of my emails asking for help until just yesterday. Now what made me really angry was I requested this gold info program and you answered back the very next day.
See where I'm getting at. I'm not pleased. And I want you to fix this problem of mine. And I want all individual rewards from last weeks Frontline Assault to the day you reinstate my account that you took put in my inventory. I could have completed those events and instead you have slacked and not helped recover my account that you did something with. I'm asking nicely. I want my account back so I can play. Enough games.

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Oh oh Gree
09-16-2014, 11:02 PM
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