View Full Version : +1 Energy Regen bonus - is it temp or not?

09-17-2014, 11:03 AM
There is no official answer on that.
it is really confusing, unlike health regen there is a unit for that but the unit has 0 stat

So what is it temp? - than I stop opening crates - why waste my time?
no temp? - I start using gold...

I know that this question was asked in some threads, but was never answered.

09-17-2014, 11:28 AM
It is temporary. A person in our faction found that out first hand

09-21-2014, 04:36 AM
I think this is the first time I've received a +1 Energy Regen bonus, can anybody tell me what it actually does?

bam bam.
09-21-2014, 05:01 AM
^^^Gives u 4 energy every min. Well, for a few days, then u go back to 3.