View Full Version : Bravo 501st is looking for a merger partner

jj JJ
09-21-2014, 04:00 PM
Bravo 501st, traditional top 400 team looking to rebuild. We have a faction that can accommodate your whole crew if you are interested. We have around 76 bonuses and have 27 openings in a 52 member faction. Let me know if you are interested and we can work discuss the details.

Check out our Bonuses!!! We currently have 77 of them!
Building Defense 35% Max
Building Output +30%
Health Regen -30% Max
Casualty Reduction -10%
Infantry Defense 35% Max
Infantry Attack +25%
Ground Defense 35% Max
Ground Attack +20%
Air Defense 35% Max
Air Attack +10%
Sea Defense +25%
Sea Attack +5%
Guild Increase 1 +10 Max
Guild Increase 2 +10 Max
Guild Increase 3 +8
Guild Increase 4 +4

Faction ID: 662 915 165

Faction requirements are simple. Communication via kakao talk for our chat, 5x iph daily, active in faction events, goal of no less than 10k in WD (no problem if you are active), faction over individual ltqs (as they have the best rewards).

If you have Kakao talk. Send me a message @ jjJJjw1. also on groupme.