View Full Version : Tips for Strongarm Tactics

09-22-2014, 06:54 AM
I'm struggling to complete the second mission in the Somapura Slam campaign called Strongarm Tactics. If you've had success, I'd appreciate any tips. Here are the units I have to work with so far:

Persephone (R) 50
Reaping Truth (R) 50
Hippocampus (R) 50
Sagittarius (SR) 50
Phoenix (R) 50
Porkryshkin AH (R) 50
Hammer (R) 50
Great Bombard (R) 50
Harpy (R) 50
Eurydice (SR) 50
Hastatus Sniper (R) 50

I also have UC Theseus, Selim, Vanguard Defender, Agrius, Enforcer, Rocket Squad, Akinci, Arsemes, Cychreides, Backbone of Progress and People's Sentry, all maxed to 40.

09-24-2014, 10:39 AM
That is a tough one but I finally managed to beat it three times to master the contract. Orontes is tough to beat and recharges fast so they keep coming at you. One of the secrets is to keep recharging your supply, when you can, to get to level 7 or 8. The other is to have air support so you don't have to waste ground units to take out that Sylph. Put your heaviest ground units in to take out Orontes along with your maxed out sniper (but in the background because Orontes will take him out with one shot if you try to go head to head), then put your quickest and most effective air unit in to deal with sylph and help with Orontes. And keep hitting the supply button. You'll find the right combination but getting your supply speed up is key.

10-03-2014, 11:45 AM
A maxed Sejanus added to my squad pushed me to victory.