View Full Version : VFF Legends, Top 10 and 50 wins guaranteed

Mr Art0is
09-23-2014, 11:01 PM
Did you fight hard during WD and got 1500 wins just to see your faction fail the 50 wins ???

Do you finish the Individual LTQ just to see your faction fail the FLTQ ???

Are you tired of missing out of those juicy wrapper rewards ???

We at VFF LEGENDS can help you. As a member of our faction you are guaranteed that all faction events will be finished.

Frontline - Top 10 or the rank with the most asked for reward.

Raid boss - No problem

FLTQs - Always finished well in time.

Epic boss faction part - No problem.

WD - Always Top 10, Always 50 wins.

On top of that you will join a faction that take care of each other. You have a player camping in your base ??? No problem, we revenge 10 times your lost.

You will also be a part of the VFF family, today a family tree of 10 factions with VFF LEGENDS at the very top in the family. So if you are a player with LLPs we will find you a solid VFF home for those accounts too.

We use Palringo as our main chat but also have rooms at Groupme for Docbot and the mighty big VFF family chatroom.

This is a solid top10 faction and we have decided that 200k WD is what we need from u to stay top10.
Did u score 200k+ WD and you are not in a top10 faction, you have to ask your self : Why am I not in a top10 faction??? Then contact us.

So show us what you can do during WD. Without screenshot it didnt happen. Go to our recruitroom at Palringo. Search for “recruitment” and we stand by, ready to receive you or send me a pm.

Mr Art0is
09-24-2014, 07:37 AM