View Full Version : What did they do to the matchup algo?

09-26-2014, 11:15 PM
It's obviously completely different.

09-26-2014, 11:17 PM
It's obviously completely different. How is it different?

09-26-2014, 11:28 PM
Seems the same to me. Already faced SUP but that comes with the territory

09-27-2014, 10:24 AM
It's not changed, we're T250 ish we've had 5 matches where not one of our guys can take a hit, SUP Goodfellas VFF Legends and McGurts the list goes on, some effing match system that is!! Not one of theirs below 1 Bill defence not 1 of ours above 800 mill attack.
I've had enough from now on we're scouting the **** out of every MOFOing one of the factions that we have no hope of winning against at least someone will benefit

09-27-2014, 06:04 PM
They have clearly done something to the match up algorithm. We are a top 500 faction sitting around the 330 position at the moment and we get drawn against several top 50 clans and to rub salt into the wound we are currently engaged with only sup wins.

I'm not moaning as it's only a game but this can't be fun for either team involved. ....

09-27-2014, 07:27 PM
Guess someone has to get the unlucky draw of sup lol

09-28-2014, 04:16 AM
Yup. ..thankfully they kept it to a mere mauling rather than a humiliating humping. ......��

09-28-2014, 04:26 AM
Our faction is around top 500 right now and we keep getting factions around top 150. Something is not working right.

09-28-2014, 05:03 AM
There are fewer and fewer people playing, and the smarter ones remaining are dropping their ally count to about 200 or lower in an effort to fake fight the NEW WAY, the little people's WD.

09-28-2014, 10:47 AM
We are a top 500 team and are matched up with a 61 ranked team and there's nothing we can do. It's way lopsided and I just figure they needed a streak win and Gree is giving it to them on a silver platter. These inflated attack stats (that's only temporary) makes this whole war insane. Besides, I thought Gree always said that the stats were calculated without boosts. BS

09-28-2014, 08:19 PM
Our faction normally comes in 300-350 and have faced nothing but top 25 factions. We faced SUP more than once. Aggravating.

09-28-2014, 08:45 PM
We're in the top 25 and we've gone up against SUP 3 times and WS once, we're expecting this. SUP has to go against someone, and i believe that everyone should get equal treatment to SUP.

09-29-2014, 11:16 AM
Well, we didn't draw SUP, lol... but for the last several WD events the matchups seemed to give the most weight to team average stats - most of the team always had a target. This time around, though, we had a few matchups with teams that resembled the old "streak teams" - where the opponent's weakest member had a def stat well above our team's strongest member's attack stat, and even our strongest member could only hit the CC. So to me it appears that the matchup system is giving more weight to current leaderboard position again, encouraging sandbagging for lower points and streak wins.