View Full Version : Ranked 136 syn recruting

09-29-2014, 01:26 AM
BRockLee is a well organized Top 150 syndicate that works hard to help all our members meet our goals and their own personal goals. We have a worldwide team with 24 hour game play and chat.

Our requirements are:
GroupMe for chat
Participation in all events
100 uzis every new raid
Minimum of 1% IP during battles
Weekly cash donations of 20x iph

PM or join our groupme recruits chat: https://groupme.com/join_group/9300705/SPvzlA

Feel free to send me a message with your stats, level, and expected IP

We are particularily interested in looking for a new DL. Feel free to apply

We currently have 140 syn bonuses, including all defense bonuses.

Syn code: 489 732 845