View Full Version : 2 teams recruiting, c2k and bro!

09-29-2014, 09:59 AM
Hello, we have 2 factions right now. One is c2k which is only for strong active members. We finish all events up to prestige. Only events we don't do are speed events and master rb and fltq. Frontline we placed 108, this wd we are top 150
Bro is a group with some of our minis and people who can't meet the c2k minimum for events. Still a strong team that gets prestige rb done and prestige fltq. Also eb gets done every day. This wd we are top 500 but trying to get back to top 200 where we we're before the merger.
We use line chat and we get dockbot for wd

If you are interested plz pm me