View Full Version : NEED A BREAK? Look no further, I have your Retirement community right here!

09-29-2014, 01:04 PM
Have you spent the last few years playing event after event after event, carrying your faction or even just barely making minimum? Are you just burnt out on the non stop onslaught of events and would like to take a few events off just to rest and relax, well I have created a faction just for that purpose. The ICE COLD EGGS! This club is exclusive for members of top 100 factions who just dont feel like doing a damn thing for a while. There are no minimums of any sort, just park your big arse in here and hang out until you feel like leaving. Thats it! If you wanna donate, donate, if you wanna hit faction goals, go for it, if you dont wanna do a darned thing, well, dont. The only requirement I have is that you fill up a slot. I have an attack of 1.2 billion and a defense of 800 million, any one messes with ya, I will smackem around a bit..........if I can that is! So come sit back and relax and enjoy a few events off and BS with me on line while we win defensive wars during MW! Ice Cold Eggs! Where the gold is gone and the drinks are cold!!! Join Today! 519-910-218

Imperial Marine Corps
10-05-2014, 10:11 AM
How did you build your stats so high ?