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    Top 20 alliance recuiting new members- join strontiumdogs!!!

    Top 20 Alliacnce looking to break back in to Top 10.
    Join us! We will never be #1. But if you want to compete this is the alliance for you.
    We talk tactics and strategy and love this game.
    We are not into a bunch of rules and regulations, come on we get enoght of that in the real world.
    We are all about fun and kicking A$$ and taking names.
    We have great mentors and enjoy the love of the game and helping out the "Newbies"
    All black market items purchased every week from a team of volunteers.
    We use Palringo for our in-game chat.
    Come check us out.
    Allience Owner and General is Vinctan.
    Captain is Bloodanguts.

    Join are group in Palringo.
    Just download the app,and search for StrontiumDogs.
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    Jun 2014
    Thanks everyone for helping us move back into the top 20.
    We are full up at moment.
    Not accepting new members as of today.

    Go StrontiumDogs

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