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Thread: Who is Tam

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    I believe this so called Tam person is an hoax made to convince players into believing the so called "competition" is "real."
    Clearly someone missed the south park episode "freemium isn't free."

    Same with all the top ranking syndicates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post
    Dippy, may be a little harsh in this thread, but he's right...
    Still mad at Bostick.

    I'll be back when the moderation is reasonable. Enjoy the forum you created, Gree.

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    I think you can play whatever game you want to(and spend as much). Tam is a cc veteran. Am friends with her and she is one of the kindest and the most intelligent player on cc. But I guess haters are gonna hate...

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    Well this was very.....interesting....to read and just know MK loves you all.

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