5.0 is out!

Thanks for your patience!

We spent most of last week working on 5.0 final QA, and have now released both the iOS and Android version. Android users, you'll have seen a couple of new builds coming your way to fix up some crashes that weren't apparent until we got enough volume in the system. iOS users, your 5.0.1 build is in the queue with Apple with 3 bug fixes - fixing up the battle & raid results being swapped, making the help dialog for soldier equip show up properly and not block the UI, and removing the bug that makes it look like you can continue to attack someone in PvP when you've switched back to attacking NPCs.

"Lost" accounts on iOS

First things first - I am so sorry that this happened. It's an unforeseen consequence of the way the feature is designed, and it didn't occur to us and it should have. (See below for more details.)

Second - we are working on a fix for the issue, although it will probably require you to contact CS. We expect that to hit later this week - since we're mucking around in the player accounts database, we want to be really really sure that we're not going to somehow mess up your account in the process of trying to fix it!

For those of you interested in a more technical explanation:

A long, long time ago in a galaxy rather like our own, Modern War had GameCenter features integrated into the game (achievements and such). That means that your game was associated with a GameCenter account in our system.

Fast forward to us working on account transfers. Now, in order to do that, we had to rewrite the GameCenter linking functions. The set up is this - if you try to link your game to a GameCenter account and the system finds that game already linked to a different GameCenter account, it automatically starts a new game for you, to prevent you from stealing someone else's game.

So anyone who's had a Modern War game for a while and has changed their GameCenter ID will see a problem where it forces them to start a new game because their old game is already associated with a different GameCenter ID. (If you can remember your old GameCenter credentials and log in with those, you should find your normal account waiting for you! You can retrieve your old password at https://iforgot.apple.com/password/verify/appleid )

It looks like the fix is going to involve writing one tool to dis-associate your Modern War game from your (old) GameCenter account (which I know some of you have been asking for anyway) and then figuring out how to re-associate your game with your device ID. You can see why wed be cautious about doing this automatically!

How's it work - QA

Our QA guys are awesome!

We have a dedicated team of QA people, and they work really hard to make sure that all the events and features and releases we do have been tested to the best of their ability. They try to do all the things you guys would think to do (and some you wouldn't), but you have to agree that the thousands of you are always going to be more inventive than they can be, by sheer numbers alone!

I know we've shipped some builds with issues recently, and I've noticed that some of you doubt the existence of our QA team. They do exist, and they work really hard, and they fight hard too - to make sure that every release that goes out is good.

Don't believe me? Come join the team - we're always hiring. (Check out the Careers page on the GREE website for more info.)