Compensation for the 5.0 lockout


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Thread: Compensation for the 5.0 lockout

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    Compensation for the 5.0 lockout

    Compensation for the 5.0 lockout!

    Just had the reply in relation to compensation.

    Zero, Nothing, F All

    Cannot put other palyers at a disadvantage and bugs happen! I sh!t you not

    I have forwarded the email to Apple and Itunes as part of my complaint about Gree

    I had Master prepped on the current ltq, almost finished level 9 of their rubbish HQ and was just starting FL where i normally finish top 5k in the game, but managed one war before the lockout

    If this is how you reward loyal players then you can all go F yourself

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    The lockout was the got some much needed down time.

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    And don't forget about all the gold people used on pre staging the event for all it all to be lost
    I prepped every level and all for nothing

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