10,350 energy for 5 folders


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Thread: 10,350 energy for 5 folders

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    10,350 energy for 5 folders

    As the title says

    I know the summon cost is dropping but unless it's 1 per boss many factions will not even be taking part

    I know gree have said not to worry but that drop rate is stupidly low, we won't have enough to finish 1 goal if this carries on

    Gree please up the drop rate

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    Ugh.... Cmon gree get your **** together
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    I just used 9500 in energy and got 3 folders. This drop rate is non existing. Gree fix this now. I know the rate was lowered and bosses cost less, but dang. This is horrible. No wonder your hame is sinking and there are no lifeboats.

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