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    Question Guilds: Why can't we share items between members?

    I have been playing the game for a few months now and I enjoy playing the game. I have been in my guild for a few months as well.

    As with any guild each player plays differently. There are different "quests" each guild has to complete to earn XP to level up.

    I would like to start a discussion about whether or not it would be a good idea to share items (other than gold) within a guild.

    Items such as armor materials, fusion stones, rings, necklaces, ect. This would give more of a benefit to being in a guild.

    What are other peoples thoughts?

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    This thread sounds sooo familiar. Are you replicating it all over KnD forums?

    To answer again, it would be too easy for some to take advantage of a "sharing" system, and i note that new players do not properly value goodies when they're just handed them. Too easy to fuse away eight armors that took two months to acquire, but only a few seconds to "gift" to another player who didnt work for them.

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