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    More gree genious

    seriously this new event is such a joke only those that were playing when it first popped up will be able to finish the second quest for 25 command centers. what kind of genious thought this one up?? pick a building that there can ONLY be one of per base, that collects ONCE every 24 hours that everyone will have to hit 25 times for a really nice reward.. an impossible task.. think about it finding 25 around your level with that building that has yet to of been collected or hit... I have spent 4 hours on 3 accounts and found 2.. way to go gree create ANOTHER event that chases players away from instead of keeping them glued to your game.. you are such marketing pioneers. to complete the task you would have to be among the first to log on once it started or spend hours upon hours upon hors in a futile search for 25.. and to make it even more of a joke.. lets make it a 24 hour event so ONLY 1 chance to get those elusive command centers
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