Iceblooded is growing and looking for new members. We are an adult guild with lots of opportunities at those top armors you want so much. Iceblooded is a fully maxed bonus guild that sits in the top 60 when not pushing. We push T10 or t25 twice a month. So if you are active and meet the requirements give us a pm and to start the process.

- Top participation is required. Gems required for push 50 and up
- Active every day is a must.
- Level 100+ with 6 maxed epics
- LINE required. Notifications must be set to [on] for all events.
- Age 18+
- 500,000k donation to the guild weekly
- be able to meet weekly min in all events (min to discussed in the interview)

Guild Info:
- Level 75 Guild, Maxed Bonuses
- we are a neutral guild that works with many alliances so there is opportunity’s for push all over the game.
- All ranking is based on activity and scores for two week times. So you are never locked in to one spot. There is always the opportunities for that hc, gc, and sent position.
- With a full management team in place there is always someone that can help you with problems or to assist you in growing your gaming skills.

Runamuck1 in Line apt. to start the process.