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    Hi, my name is joost

    I recently fused 2 armors together and got my second DeMortuis robes, the first one is at level 99 and the second one is at level 1 ( and not the plus version)
    so i have no use for it. What if there was a box that could defragmentate my armor into pieces so i can "recraft" my DeMortuis robes into the + version?
    Fusion Stones and defragment Stones. Sounds good?

    Have a nice day!

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    Great idea Joost but it would be better if you posted this in thr bi-weekly feedbacl thread here: since it is a place that Relic probably visits more often than other threads probably.
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    I appreciate the suggestion, and I moved it to one of our feedback threads already. This is a duplicate post.

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