European Nation Army (ENA)

Top 400 team

We have 150 plus bonuses!

We work together on syndicate quest lines and events. Get our epic boss dailies done and kick butt on the raid boss.
Our core team is really great, but we need to expand it in order to finish events more easily.

Our syndicate is laid back and there are no demanding rules. Just pull your own weight, donate what cash you can (Uzi's & bricks are mandatory), show up to help out in syndicate LTQ's, events and have fun.

Level/stats aren't a big deal. Just looking for ACTIVE ppl that are willing to help out on syndicate events.

We are NOT looking for people that work only on individual LTQ's, campers, slackers or anyone afraid to drop some of their iph on Street Assault units...

Send a request - 455-782-842 or come say HI! in our GroupMe recruiting room. Click here to join:

We have members from all over, so there is usually something going on around the clock.

We use GroupMe!