Raid Boss Beta coming soon, be a part of the development process!


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Thread: Raid Boss Beta coming soon, be a part of the development process!

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    Exclamation Raid Boss Beta coming soon, be a part of the development process!

    Greetings Gangsters!

    Exciting changes are coming to the Raid Boss event but we need your help! We’re inviting Syndicates to come and join us in our upcoming Crime City Beta.

    The Beta will focus on a revamp of the Raid Boss event. With your help, developers will gather information and feedback to help balance the event and make it fun for everyone. Your feedback will help shape the future of Crime City and you will receive a ‘thank you’ item for participating!

    The details are as follows:

    The Beta will last 2 days. It will take place sometime in July on a weekday, not a weekend. I will announce the exact date as soon as possible.

    The Beta will take place on a special Beta server that is separate from the live server. What you do on the Beta server has no effect on the live server. Beta players will have their live account copied over to the Beta server and given 6,000 gold on the Beta server to use on this event.

    We need syndicates to join the Beta and play together to take on the Raid Boss the way you normally play this event. The more we can simulate a “real” Raid Boss fight the better. We therefore ask that you coordinate with your Syndicate mates to join and participate together. For the best results, please bring 20+ syndicate members. The more the merrier!

    To participate, please follow this link:

    US players only, apologies to our non-US players (we have to limit it to US players for legal reasons).

    The cut-off to sign up for the Beta is July 10th at 12pm PDT. Signing the NDA confirms your participation in the Beta, don’t delay!

    Once the Beta is ready (and you’ve signed the NDA), you will receive an email with a link to install the Crime City Beta app. When you launch the Beta app you will be ready and in your own Beta version of your account. Important: If you already have an old Beta app installed from the past, you need to delete it before the new beta starts or it will fail to install properly.

    Before the Beta starts, we will create a Beta Players only section of the forum where you can provide feedback on the Beta and coordinate with your fellow Beta players. You need to have a forum account before you sign up for the Beta for this to work so if you don’t have a forum account create one today!

    After the event ends, you will receive an email with a survey link. Please fill out the survey, it will give us important feedback we can use to improve the event.

    As a thank you for helping us improve the Raid Boss, all participants who fill out the survey will receive this building on their live account:

    Herbal Healing Delivery
    Output: $450,000/8 hours

    Questions? Let us know here on this thread. We look forward to your participation!
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