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Thread: Gree I have a calendar you can use

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajunman View Post
    This is becoming comical.
    So epic boss starts today and it's a 4 day event, but to get the wrapper prize to complete the event you need 7 syndicate prizes.
    Do you guys need a calendar or maybe a calculator to see that you can't get 7 daily prizes in 4 days?
    Also 4 days for 150 bosses. Now that's more comedy.

    Care to clarify gree?
    Thanks for catching this! It's fixed now.

    If you really want to do Indy, I'm pretty sure it can be done in 1 day... just saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by kids View Post
    It's not the individual i care about..

    Just have to know if i have to kill lots of bosses on day 5/6/7 for the team or if it ends after 4 days
    Goal fixed to 4 days only.
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