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Thread: LE: October Edition Event

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    LE: October Edition Event

    To obtain the Supernatural Lowrider, you need to get the Mega Gun. The Mega Gun is acquired (by chance (2%)), after purchasing all 4 Limited Edition items in the store, under Special.. Problem is, Android users do not have the opportunity to get the Mega Gun.
    IOS has a random drop of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Elite, and Ultimate all with a different rate drop percentages. The Mega Gun is located in the Ultimate tier (again, only 2% chance).
    Android users have only three random drop categories; Common, Uncommon, and Rare. It appears the % drop rate is different between IOS and Droid as well. So without the Ultimate category, we can never get the Mega Gun, therefore never get the Supernatural Lowrider (LE: October Edition Event).

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    How much gold does it cost?


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    Shade over 500 for set of 4 I think, each one you purchase, you get same one free

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