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Thread: The Speadsheets!

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    Post The Spreadsheets!

    Just making a post to say thanks and bump.

    Two very useful spreadsheets:

    TLoord's Money Buildings:
    *** INCOME ***

    not-sure-who's Defense Buildings:
    *** DEFENSE ***

    Thank you very much for those who have contributed. I personally have found these VERY useful in optimizing my playstyle. *bow*

    To anyone who are high level and slightly bored please toss in some details when you can, post it here and we will thank you for it =) Even the building sizes are very much sought after!

    That is all.
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    Is it possible for anyone to tell me whether there are 19 or 35 levels of "grow hood"? I know few can say hehe

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    These area great idea and easy to add to too.
    Even though it's not hard to figure out I just added the building size for the Seafood Restaurant.

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