Its simply amazing but not hardly surprising at all. Not after almost 4.5 years of playing MW and seeing what they do.

GREEdy introduces HQ 2.0 but neither posts any information about how it works or any guidelines on what to do.

And like most early factions we over donated when we achieved Lvl 10 HQ 1.0 and now all those donations are completely wasted and useless.

As it stands now, 17k+ recruiting, 1.7k+ RnD, 80+ prop and 30+ logistics are sitting there forever it seems.

So how about the next update, you allow the faction leader to make use of those to further upgrade our HQ 2.0 production buildings.

It would be the right thing to do and a small step towards repairing some of the hatred and resentment you have caused to all the long time loyal players in the game.

And it would cost you nothing to do this, so how about it GREEdy?

On the next update, you let us use up all those excess donations and not have it sit there in cyberspace forever.