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Thread: VIP invites?

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    VIP invites?

    How do these work?
    What are they for? What do they do?
    What does "Sorry there a no VIPs available" mean?

    I invited one player just after the upgrade but I didn't notice any changes, except that I only have 2 invites remaining. I don't remember which player I invited as a VIP.

    Do you get more than 3?
    Do you have to spend 15 gold to become a VIP?

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    Noticed how there is no "invite <person>" button? That's what VIP does. The only problem is that this option is only available in a separate list which nobody ever visits. So the money is a waste. Only use it if you buy 1500 gold weekly and are too lazy to add 2-3 members by typing in the code manually hehe

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    disclaimer: i haven't tried it. (because it's useless, IMHO)

    reading from the description, it appears that for 15 gold $, you will be put in the global list for 1 hour. during this time, you may get invites from other players. this option is primarily for players who don't use this forum and/or too lazy to type "Crime City iPhone code" in google search. it is very easy to get codes and/or post your code in this forum and populate your mafia in no time.
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