Are you guys still playing this?


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Thread: Are you guys still playing this?

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    Are you guys still playing this?

    Thought I'd check back into the forum and see what was going on in the game.

    Well I'm pleased to see that my decision to stop playing was a good one as it seems that the gold grabbing and issues are all still going on.

    When I quit this game about a year ago my account was in one of the top three factions and was one of the highest stat for level accounts out there. Yes it cost me LOTS AND LOTS of money and time to build, but I could afford it at the time and believe it or not, it was fun. My faction mates were great and I enjoyed it. The final straw for me was spending over two vaults to reach a certain tier, to obtain an attack boost. To cut a long story short, I never got it, I never got any help from Gree and I just quit.

    I did enjoy the game though, but looking back, I only enjoyed the people within my faction and other players along the way. The game itself isn't a strategy game, there is no strategy involved whatsoever.

    After stopping playing I vowed to never play another phone game again, I logged into my account after four months and as soon as the screen opened I closed it immediately. To be honest I was missing the camaraderie of my faction, not the game itself.

    Having been at a loose end a few months back, I installed a game called mobile strike, it was a war game and looked similar to MW. Having vowed to never play another phone game I was a little reluctant, but oh my what a game. This game is actually a strategy game, a game where you can actually be effective without spending any real money, but, if you spend the equivalent of two vaults you can become a very powerful player. It has all the fun of factions and money grabbing is optional.

    This is where I spend my time now, I feel this is a real game of intelligence and strategy, not a game of wallets, maybe Gree need to take note and see how it's done. I would encourage anyone who enjoys this game to take a look, it's everything imo what MW could of been.

    This post may well get deleted but I thought I'd share this with you all.

    Happy gaming everyone.

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