Gathering information on Lags in game


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Thread: Gathering information on Lags in game

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    Gathering information on Lags in game

    Hello Modern Warriors,

    We have received several reports from the community about the game Lagging during several occasions. Our engineering team is looking extensively into the issue and hence please use this thread to give us more details/screenshots/videos of instances where the game Lags for you. The more extensive the reports are, the easier it would be for us to track down the underlying issue.

    As a basic checklist- please include the following minimum information in your reports-

    1) Your Invite Code:

    2) Your App(Game) Version, Build and Content Version: (see screenshot below)

    3) Network Used: for e.g: WIFI, 3G, 4G etc.

    4)What action actually led to the lag: for e.g: when tapping on Energy, Opening inventory, loading the daily ranks in HCB etc.

    Thanking in advance for your efforts!

    Queen Mila
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