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    5* 'Sand Peppers' only give you 1* Pets to Hunt ?

    As title says . Something has changed since last update , as a 5* Element Pepper guaranteed 6 pets , with two of those being 3* Pets .

    [Edit] 4* Earth Berry thing also gives exactly same Pets to hunt as well - 3x Bronze 1* & 1 Silver 1* Pet .

    Neither of these are a major game breaking problem , but are annoying & you lot may have not been aware of it so giving a heads up :-)

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    yeah that has already been reported at KnD sages... I'm not really sure if they are working on that yet though...

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    Yea, I sent in a ticket too for this. I don't remember the exact count, but I used a few. I'm holding onto my 5* to use later.

    Right now I'm more focused on the raid.

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