Hi Modern Warriors,

We are finally ready to begin the first phase of the inventory consolidation. As mentioned before, we had determined, with much help from the community, that one of the major causes of lag during events was the player data files size due to all the items in ones inventory.

One of the measures we are working on to tackle this issue is consolidating all the redundant inventory items into a smaller number of new items with the same equivalent power and bonus stats. This will entail deleting items from your inventory and replacing them with newer items with higher Att/Def. The end result should be of no loss of Att/Def to you, but an overall reduction in the amount of items in your inventory. This should drastically reduce the size of your data file and improve performance.

This initiative will involve the below 2 phases:
  • For the first iteration of this feature, we plan on first consolidating items that do not have bonuses.
  • After this is successful, we will then proceed to consolidating all the items with bonuses.

Since this would be a big modification to player accounts, we would like to get the community involved early on in the process so we can eventually roll this out to all players.

Currently the rule-set that we are planning on implementing is the below:

  1. Target players for inventory consolidation:
    • Players who have more than 9000 items and Sum (Attack)> 30,000,000 or Sum (defense) > 30,000,000
  2. Excluded Items:
    • Exclude items with bonuses
    • Exclude items with NULL or ZERO Attack OR Defense
    • This should exclude all consumables, H&V units, currencies etc.
    • Exclude the top 1500 equipment items in each of the following categories namely Head, Foot, Armor, Accessory and top 3000 items in the Weapon category.
    • Top items are to be calculated in terms of total power (attack+defense)- for each player.
    • Exclude items in the exception list, which includes, Goal Triggers, Memorial Items, Consumables, rare special items, currencies and other key items
  3. Create Replacement Attack and Defense Items:
    • Calculate the total attack and defense for each player
    • Quantity of Attack Item= Total Attack/Attack Item Stat
    • Quantity of Defense Item= Total Defense/Defense Item Stat
    • For the minimum Attack and Defense Item Stat, we are currently considering to set it at 30,000,000 and round up stats of players to the nearest 30M increment. This is to limit the size of the item Quantity integer of the new replacement items.
  4. Consolidate Items:
    • Downtime while Attack and Defense items in player inventory are consolidated

What we would like to request from you is to provide your feedback regarding the above inventory consolidation rule-set with your concerns and suggestions. We would especially like your cooperation regarding generating the Excluded Items list.

Thank you for your cooperation!