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    Splash of the Titans - July Event!

    Hey guys,

    It seems that some didn't receive the armor of Day 1 in the login event, which is a weird interaction and have forwarded that to the dev team. In the meanwhile, I will be sending out an armor to everyone who logged in yesterday to allow you to start building your T10 armor!

    This sending will happen today.

    Other issues that we were aware of and that are now fixed:

    - Titan Fractions now correctly drop from the rare drop event
    - Titan Fractions are now correctly used to craft the Shallow Edge armor
    - Kraken Furies are now correctly used to craft the Deep Edge armor
    - Login event now correctly gives Titan Fractions and Kraken Furies on the correct days.

    We apologize for all the issues, we hope you will enjoy the event from now.

    Battle on!

    The KND Team

    Dear Knights,

    As mentioned in the last days in the Producer Letter, we prepare another special event for July for all you! You know what that means, a new one time only armor for you to fight for!

    Splash of the Titans is an event that will allow you to obtain a special armor with basic stats and tier it up by combining it with other armors to make it much stronger.
    It’s a concept you’ve seen before, with the exception that this time around there won’t be community milestones (the reason was explained in the Producer Letter here), which means your individual efforts will define the final strength of the armor.

    Additionally, it will be divided in two phases. The first phase will allow you to increase your special armor strength, while the second will allow you to craft some special fusion boost armors. But let’s take a look at the details:

    How does it work?

    Phase 1
    • Phase 1 will last two weeks, starting on July the 10th
    • You can obtain the base armor Aqua Girru T1 (Water/Fire) in the first day of the new login chain reward starting on Tuesday, July the 10th.
    • You can use the Shallow Edge armor to tier Aqua Girru T1 up to Aqua Girru T5
    • Shallow Edge can be crafted with Titan Fractions
    • Titan Fractions will be available as a rare drop, in event rewards, through the login event, in chests and starter pack offers
    • You can use the Deep Edge armor to tier Aqua Girru T5 up to T10
    • Deep Edge can be crafted with Kraken Furies
    • Kraken Furies will be available as event rewards, through the login event, in chests and starter pack offers
    • To tier up Aqua Girru you will have to combine it with the Shallow Edge armor until T5 and with the Deep Edge from T6 to T10
    • The T10 Aqua Girru will have maximum 8678 ATT and 7447 DEF
    • The jewelry for the Aqua Girru armor will be available in by crafting for another 1000 Titan Fractions total.

    Phase 2
    • Phase 2 will last one week, starting on July the 24th
    • During phase 2 you can collect shards to craft Super Fusion Boost armors
    • This special fusion boost armor will give you 10,000 fusion experience (more than 4 times more than the fusion boost IV armors). It’s therefore hard to obtain.
    • There will be one of each available for each element, meaning you need to chose wisely which fusion boosts you want.
    • You can craft it with the Occulo Relic that can be obtained in the Rare Spawn from the 24th and in the Guild War on the 27th

    Login Rewards

    As mentioned before, there will be a new login rewards beginning with this event and lasting 14 days (Available for 21 days total). Login every day to receive:
    • Day 1: Aqua Girru T1 x1
    • Day 2: Titan Fraction x300
    • Day 3: Earth Fusion Boost Armor III x2
    • Day 4: Earth Fusion Boost Amulet II x2
    • Day 5: Harp String x1
    • Day 6: Earth Fusion Boost Ring II x2
    • Day 7: Kraken Fury x200
    • Day 8: Aqua Girru T1 x1
    • Day 9: Titan Fraction x 300
    • Day 10: Fenix Feather x1
    • Day 11: Fusion Boost Pet Earth x1
    • Day 12: Titan Fraction x400
    • Day 13: Occulo Relic x200
    • Day 14: Kraken Fury x300

    Here is the full calendar:

    Who doesn’t like to celebrate summer by wearing a super heavy armor and jump in the battle?! We hope you are as excited as we are to take part in the Splash of the Titans, let us know what you think!

    Battle on,
    The DECA Knights.
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