There is some very good loot items in this game. With that being said is it fair to other players to not be able to get how ever many of these items they want? Some players have 300+ of several very good loot items that have better stats then the most valuable in game cash item.
If a two players have 100 of every item the same but one of them has say 500 M4's for example he will always be better then the other. This is because the other player couldn't get any.

Since you get experience for doing jobs you level up too, which is good if while leveling up you get good weapons.

I understand that this is a business and Funzio wants money but when the cheapest gold weapon is around 3 dollars. It's as if you have too buy gold items if you don't want to be dominated. That's what funzio wants. But to players that have say 1 M4 vs 500 M4's it seems that the 1 isn't going to have much of a chance.

Nerfing drop rates and locations seems somewhat unfair because the amout of loot items helps me survive through the next level of being attacked.

With all that being said it's just my little ransom of why this is unfair and should be brought back to the way it was.
-Thanks, OG Kush.
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