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Thread: I'm old and in over my head! Help!

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    Sometimes I amaze even myself, in the wee short time betwixt my missive and your reply I managed to step on my twig and berries. ie. most of my buildings are now twos and some are threes AND I now have another ally somehow, bringing the total abysmally to two. I guess my idea of staying under the radar consists of jumping up and down screaming like a lunatic and baring my pale flaccid arse to the world. BOOGA BOOGA!!

    Not only that but the damn game leveled me up to nine while I had my back turned. I've invested what little money I had into the vault in the hopes that I can sc**** some remnant of dignity from the rubble that's left of my lands... I'd say easy come easy go but it wasn't. Mebe they'll leave me the cottage, thank god I don't have a tavern yet. It'd break my heart to lose that.

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    I didn't give you any advice except to slow down bud.

    I'm asking other forum members who have very low allies at your level to help you out as your situation is pretty unqiue. Your biggest decision now is whether to stay under the radar (i.e., try not be seen by a large number of rivals) IF YOU CAN by keeping the number of allies you have at the moment the same, or increase the number of allies to boost your stats, especially defense. Most of my low level allies on level 7-9 have around 15-30 allies.

    I think right now your low level buildings and low allies (I am assuming less than 3?) is not getting you any attention fortunately.

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    Thats ok - don't add any more allies. I believe the cutoff is like 3.

    Have a cup of tea and take a break. This game is more like correspondence chess - take your time. Otherwise you will get your a** handed to you in a tupperwear container very soon.
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    Any help regards my computer would would be greatly appreciated but I have to say that I'm loathe to drag anyone into the miasma that I call "The Young and the Computerless". It a soap opera with no comic relief, Don Knotts is playing me in the movie version.

    If you're serious I'll happily accept your help, I just have to warn you up front that it's like having a dog walk across you; it's all warm and fuzzy at first, downgrading to a pink underbelly, and then WHAM! Hewllet Packard pokes its willy in your face and your all disgusted and left feeling faintly ashamed. Kinda like how you felt after watching "Dumb and Dumber".

    Dang, I should get a job writing disclaimers for Personal Injury Lawyers! Hehehhehehehe!

    Seriously though, I feel like an idiot, but not so much that I won't take help when it's so generously offered.

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    Well if my knowledge can help you ask and we will find out if I can help
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