I really enjoy Kingdom Age, and a few updates back I read in the forums that the gear issue would be resolved in the next update. Unfortunately this has not been dealt with. I would love to spend Cash on the
gems/gold etc... but after the last time I did, i still can not wear the items that i bought.. half of the gear available is off center on my character, and I can guarantee i will spend nothing on this game until this is fixed. Anyone have any idea of when they will fix this simple problem.. I'm sure its nothing more than changing a number value for the centering.. but the gear available, including the best gear available, still when trying to put the gear on, i am only receiving a loading icon. This is my favorite app, but if this is not resolved A.S.A.P. i will be moving on to other games that allow this interaction.---
Thunderleg-793-178-769 LvL 25 half dressed warrior. ( my female character on my ipad actually has a
breast exposed.