Send me a PM titled "Name that Monster Winner" with your invite code if you are one of the following people:

Silverback Mercenary - Great_wall2 (Paid)
Wicked Splinter - dudeman (Paid)
White Fang - Lilmissmoca
Arctic overlord - asdfg12345 (Paid)
Lupine Shadeslayer - DIrishB (Paid)
Dual Decapitator - Sgt bilko (Paid)
Prince Warakin - Funkey monkey (Paid)
Dusk Hellcat - Calvarium (Paid)
Lupine Myrmidon - Krxzar
Cold Steel - Aha (Paid)


If you're marked as "paid" and didn't see any gold, let me know so I can verify. If you're not marked as paid I haven't received a PM from you.