Boss Epic BUG on Android ( again..)


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Thread: Boss Epic BUG on Android ( again..)

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    Thumbs down Boss Epic BUG on Android ( again..)

    i play on Android and after spend 2x 1660 energy on Boss and 2 x 66 bullets, the boss don't coming...

    i have Ios account too on Iphone and the boss workf fine...

    what the hell again..... ????

    ps : sry for thread but when u ask on a thread ppl talk about nothing...

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    weel after 1660 again i got one boss...

    serious.. i stop event on android, u pay for bug .....

    bye... i'm near to quit after spend 800€uros for nothing....


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    Wait for your game data to update before starting. The reason it doesn't trigger is because the game doesn't have the data to make the event work.

    Under help about, you should see the data version, this should be 1116_1 or something like that. It says 'updating...' when its loading new data.
    Fyi. If you are doing things that contact the server (banking etc), Normally the boss triggers with, at most one or two clicks. Don't bother with anything more thAn while your acting for the ecwnt to trigger the first time.
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    If you want to quit then quit. You're complaining about a problem that is obviously working fine...

    The trigger rate seems to be lower than on IOS. Is that problem? I never hear about anybody running out of time on the boss events, ever. Most of us just sit on it for 5 days.
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    I am on android and it works fine you just have to be patient

    So far 3 bosses defeated
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    Works fine for me too. Rather too fine I`d say.

    8 bosses defeated so far: 3 rares , 1 uncommon and 4 commons.

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