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Thread: What are you watching?

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    I watched all of the breaking bads on Netflix and didn't get to the new season on air.. that sucked.

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    What is any one watching at the minute?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragmondino View Post
    There's been a couple of threads recently about tv series so lets condense. What is any one watching at the minute?
    I'm a big fan of breaking bad, one of the best shows in a long time, but it sucks they've stopped a season halfway through.
    Been through dexter, sons of anarchy, misfits, tru blood and I've just started watching The Wire.

    So what's anyone else watching?
    Doesn't have to be a tv series, what good films have you seen recently?
    Only rule, please no spoilers.
    Sherlock is my fav
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    Nothing atm but

    Well at the minute I am watching nothing, but I normally watch Family Guy or just about anything on Adult Swim that can make me laugh.

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