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Thread: Need members for your Faction? Advertise it here!

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    Faction Recruits

    Top 4000 faction plenty of room to grow looking for member willing to donate as all members do. Be a daily and team player 544 224 232

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    Camper faction

    Hey guys, i started this about three weeks ago and looking for more members to just have fun and enjoy the game without pressure to buy gold for WD battles. There is me and two other members so far. No one will get booted out once accepted. I am putting between 30-50 million per day into this buy myself so am buying the bonuses quickly. But with more help we could buy the bonuses up even faster. Invite code 195656316. Have 12 bonuses already.. Plz come join as this will be the top camper faction!
    Health regen-5%
    Infantry def-20%
    Ground def-10%
    Building def-20%
    Air def-5%
    Will have the 5% building output bonus purchased in the next few days and then the 10% about a week l8r.

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    Hi, name is Riddler and I am looking for a new faction. I am a very active non gold player.


    LVL 166-
    Units- over 16k
    atk- over 86k
    def- over 100K
    IPH- over 640K

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Riddler you might want to consider our faction

    HTC is recruiting Top 100 faction!

    Hello people.

    I'm from Henchmen's True Calling (HTC) and we are looking for 4 more active members.

    Our placing have been:
    Brazil - 52nd
    Greenland - 92nd
    Egypt - 91st

    Needless to say, our goal is to remain in the top 100. We are compose of free players and gold players working in harmony to achieve this goal.

    What are we looking for?
    An active player, who is willing to put the time and effort to help us secure our goals.
    Donation are up to you (would be nice if we get more upgrades)
    Last but not least, loyalty. We are looking for people, who are looking for a faction to call their home.

    So if you are interested, shoot me a message, post on this thread or add me in game 209 395 061.

    Bonuses (for those that want to know)
    Health Regen 26
    Infantry Attack 5
    Infantry Defense 25
    Ground Defense 15
    Air Defense 15
    Sea Defense 10
    Building Defense 20
    Building output 15
    Guild increase +22
    Modern War
    Lvl 82 IPH 38M

    War of Nations
    ViiVid_Evga (retired)
    212 mil AP 10 bases

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    certified to kill recruiting

    Quote Originally Posted by Riddler66 View Post
    Hi, name is Riddler and I am looking for a new faction. I am a very active non gold player.


    LVL 166-
    Units- over 16k
    atk- over 86k
    def- over 100K
    IPH- over 640K

    Thanks for your consideration.
    riddler my team is looking for a good defense leader we post on our forum daily to keep every one informed come check us out 783-641-227

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    Full Force 588 721 818

    We are getting ready for China.
    We currently have 30 out of 34 members in our faction.
    We are looking to get 4 more daily players.
    We have a good bunch of players that donate every day.
    We have four simple rules.
    1, donate every day. (Only what you can afford no minimums).
    2, get involved in the battles. (No need to buy gold)
    3, have 500 allies. (Be willing to build up to 500 fast if not there yet).
    4, enjoy the banter on the forum.

    We have loads of bonuses including 18% health regain an 10% cash from buildings.
    We only want daily players please.
    Private message me if you are sick of feeling pressured into buying gold for battles but still want to be in the top 500.
    We finished 558th in Egypt and we have added 4 new daily players with strong stats since last battle.
    I hope we can get 4 more like minded players.

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    join faction Exercise Von Tempski 890 541 070
    new faction seek strong contributors 20 spots open
    infantry+5 ground+5 building+5 guild+2

    lets be allies 532 667 756
    rank colonel level 162 allies 300+ attack 30k defence 30k income p/h 670k

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    Join BleedRedWhiteandBlue

    Faction: BleedRedWhiteandBlue
    Invite Code: 744571685
    Leader: Marcus Blane
    Members: 25/28

    Health Regen: -9%
    Infantry Defense: +15%
    Ground Defense +10%
    Air Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +10%
    Guild Member Increase: +8

    Battle for Brazil - #1502
    Battle for Greenland - #598
    Raid on Egypt - #696

    BleedRedWhiteandBlue is an established but growing faction with 25 active members. We are looking for active/daily players that want to work together as a team. We expect our members to donate regularly and improve their stats, and we do hold our members accountable. Our current daily donations average 20-24 million. We have our own online Forum for members only.

    We are also looking to merge and take on smaller factions but you must accept our terms. Please PM me here.

    Note: Members that are not active will be removed prior to the start of a World Domination Event.

    "Those who bleed in the trenches together, gain the spoils of WAR"

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    38 man faction looking for 2 active free players for WD event

    410998759 is our faction code, We have 38 slots, no gold requirement at all. Guild has been active for every WD event. Active participation during main event is primary requirement. We have good stats.

    18% health regeneration
    10% building output bonus
    15% infantry defense
    10% ground defense
    5% air defense
    10% sea defense
    20% building bonus

    We have been well into the top 1,000 past three events. Plz send us a request, require 10k points each world event and regular donations.

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    Recruiting Now

    Want To Join a Strong And Growing Faction? Scroll Down
    Want Rewards After Every Event?
    Join "Rivals" 152-809-851
    Many Bonuses
    Everyone Welcome

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    Are you unhappy with your faction? Do you wish to be part of big group of active members with great team work and friendly invironment? Join SJAMBEK Only few openings left. We have 30 members and growing. We are looking for Dynamic Individuals to join SJAMBEK. SJAMBEK is a group of strategic individuals striving for the number one spot. You must be willing to donate daily, fight hard and post in the forum regularly. We have 30 people donating daily. Here are our stats.

    Health Regen +9%
    Infantry Defense +15%
    Ground Defense +10%
    Air Defense +5%
    Building Defense +15%
    Guild Member Increase +10

    Invite Code is 621488750

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    Recruiting 4 members!

    We are a top 4000 faction hoping to make top 1000, we are recruiting active only players who make daily donations, no gold requirements for battles, just to participate as much as possible.
    +10% infantry defense
    +5% ground defense
    +5% building defense
    -5% health regen
    +2 member capacity

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    2 recruits needed

    Faction Cleveland 216 top 100

    Code 608450001

    Level 150 or higher and gold user

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    New Faction... Looking for active free members for WD event.

    We are a new faction going to war for the first time. We have 5 faction bonuses and are working on increases regularly. We require all members to donate daily and will require active participation when at war.

    Applicants should ideally be between lvl 20 - 40 with good attack/defense stats, but we are willing to consider all applicants.

    Dirty Monkeys - 180807001

    Infantry Defense: +10%
    Ground Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +10%

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    Join World Chinese Domination, WCD

    Top 500 Faction - World Chinese Domination, WCD
    is looking for strong active players with China flag .

    We were ranked 442nd In the last Raid of Egypt, and is expanding the faction strength to fight for the China Invasion
    We need strong daily players with 40k attack/ 40k defense , daily donation of 1 million and can commit to hourly fight during the war time.

    If you meet the requirement and is interested in join us ,
    our faction invite Code :179221614
    or you may add me allies Winner ID#571-968-492 and drop me a wall msg .
    Alternatively you may send me a PM for further enquiry .

    I welcome you to join our faction and fight together as one!

    Faction Stat :
    building defense +25 %
    Healt Regain +25 %
    Casualty rate +10 %
    defense Infantry :+10 %
    Defense Air /Sea /Ground : +5%

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