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Thread: Need members for your Faction? Advertise it here!

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    S.A.S UK Recruitment

    Friendy active uk based faction looking for serious players with an iph of 200+. donations flexable.
    We have 2 spots due to the booting of inactive leaches.

    faction id : 225 584 953

    Happy hunting

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    Top 50 Faction Seals Team Six has immediate openings.

    Top 50 faction in the PVP event has 2 openings. Hurry if you want to upgrade to a better faction before the battles start.

    Minimum level required - 100

    Seals Team Six 587-646-124

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    Camper Faction

    Recruiting for low-level camper faction:

    Camper's Elite Squad


    PM questions

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    Looking for active players

    Faction - U.S. Army Deployed

    Looking for active players, there is no limit to what you donate, as long as your helping. I recently just booted about 13 players for being inactive and not responding to anything with the faction. We have 32
    slots and about 15 players that are daily players in the faction.

    Faction stats - Health Regen: +9%
    Building Defense: +20%
    Guild Increase: +12

    Faction I.D. 438 233 132

    All members that actually play in the faction are friendly and actually communicate with each other in the Faction Forum. So, Join, Battle, and have fun.

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    Join the F-Bombs!

    We just cleaned house and are now looking for some more daily players. We're mostly mid-level players, not expecting to rank in the top 50, but doing everything we can to get our share of the great rewards available to competitive Factions while also having fun. We will not make you feel guilty that you actually maintain a real life too, just contribute and be active is all we ask.

    The F-Bombs - 10 openings

    Current bonuses:
    Infrantry Defense +5%
    Building Defence +15%
    Guild: +2
    Currently focusing on fortifications (48 level 1-5) for the upcoming event

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    Londonderry NH
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    Very interested 189-882-781

    Need Members For Crime City Syndicate, Solid 10 Players From MW Faction Already Have Above Average Boosts Without Full Roster! Sure To Be A Top Ranking Group! Message Me Or Use Syndicate Code! #830136698

    Crime City: 915369003
    Modern War: 189882781
    Monster Quest :306310342
    Kingdom Age: 951832070

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    Ur inbox is full

    I am lvl 150

    Willing to donate 5-10million daily.

    Hourly player so very active.

    my id is 816 672 796

    I would like to join your faction.

    Plz Add me

    Cheers mate

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    Dec 2012
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    26 SLOT ACTIVE TOP 50 Faction
    Huge Bonuses & Fortifications
    High level active players will be made officers right away

    Join us today for our battles!

    347 861 124

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    Jan 2013
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    114 279 013

    Join team green : )

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    Sep 2012
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    join the united states of america faction!!!

    Join the united states of america's faction help it grow help it get stronger benifits all your's we will be the strongest !! 907671672

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    Destruction is looking to grow!
    We have a solid group of active members and are looking to replace inactive players.
    Join a strong faction of actively hourly players!

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    Feb 2012
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    Cool Join now, active members needed!

    Faction Name: Connecting to server...
    Tag: Cts
    Leader: Sarge01 (Very active player: 839-471-573)
    Invite Code: 351-904-898
    Health Regen: +14%
    Defence from infantry: +5%
    Building Defense: +5%
    More defence from ground: +5%
    Guild Member Increase: +2

    We need active members. Any rank, but active and useful. Willing to help build the faction.

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    Slovenian Forces need 3 more active members

    Come and join us....Slovenian Forces are looking for serious members! Serious daily players are welcomed! We just want to build a strong faction. We have 3 open slots at the moment. We are looking for strong and serious players who are willing to contribute and be part of the team!
    We have:
    - Health Regen +9%
    - Building defense +15%,
    - Guild Member increase +6,
    - I donate almost every hour and the other active players also,
    - Every new member with a high level is instantly promoted to officer...

    Please join!
    Just open the faction button enter in this code
    171 171 953
    & request to join!

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    Join the Best of the Best Faction 992-168-271

    Faction: Best of the Best
    Code: 992-168-271

    36 Members and now 2 free slots

    5% Health Bonus
    +5% Infantry defense
    +5% Ground defense
    +5% Air defense
    +5% Sea defense
    20% Building defense
    +6 Guild members
    5% Building output
    +18 Guild members

    We are looking for daily players with high stats for their level and an income of over $500,000 per hour. GSOH also required!

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    Sep 2012
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    join today!!

    Join the united states of america's faction help it grow help it get stronger benifits all your's we will be the strongest !!

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