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Thread: Need members for your Faction? Advertise it here!

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    small faction needs good daily players

    faction invite 394 238 185

    382 497 953

    482 530 627

    378 651 649

    743 264 453

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    USUAL SUSPECTS (Top 25 Brazil and PVP, Top ~50 Greenland)

    Two open spots. Looking for strong, active players that like to have a good time and spend a little gold for the amusement. Great faction of 46 members (we've only lost 3 members in 2 months to other factions that weren't booted). Many in our faction have been sought after by other top 3 and top 10 factions, but we stay because of how good the team is.

    We have 39 bonuses and more importantly...a good time! We average donations of about $250m a day (minimum donation is $2m).

    Apply today! 555 259 583
    Keyser Soze

    There are two fish in a tank, one fish looks at the other and says "You man the guns, i'll drive."

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    Team Wolverine needs two people

    We have finished top 1000 in the battle for brazil and top 1000 for greenland. We have very few requirements.
    Be an active player. Check into the forum to let us know you are playing.
    Donates at least a million per day.
    Have to be level 65+.
    Hope you will come and join us the code is 995 669 789.

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    300 in brazil 205 in greenland needs new blood

    Be active!! We have people in Australia, USA and throughout Europe. Forums are always fun. You dont have to be a super gold spender, just have decent stats, help build the faction with cash and BE ACTIVE during wars. PM your stats or apply in game.

    Ustasa: 246514094

    Health regen 15%
    Infantry: 15%
    ground: 10%
    Air: 10%
    sea: 5%
    building: 20%

    building output 5%

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    join the faction FHG Holland Groep 974925683

    I just started and looking for active players from Holland and other country too.

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    My stats are:
    Name: Kevin
    Level 106
    ID (Ally Code): 177 816 233
    Mission completed: 5386
    Fights won: 9048
    Fights lost: 4112
    Succesful Raids: 2254
    Failed Raids: 110

    Alliance Members: 94
    Units: 840
    Attack: 9343
    Defense: 9494
    Income per hour: 317212

    Maybe this isn't good enough but I am willing to grow fast in stats and Iwill also give everything for the faction. I hope I can join your faction.

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    Our faction is looking for a few serious daily/hourly players.

    Faction name: Waffen-SS

    Invite code: 229720510

    Health regen: + 14%
    Infantry defense: + 20%
    Ground defense : + 15%
    Air defense: + 10%
    Sea defense: + 5%
    Building Defense: + 25%
    Building output: + 5 %
    Guild member increase: + 14

    Requirements: level 100+
    20,000+ attack
    20,000+ defense
    Last edited by Tadlock; 02-19-2013 at 07:24 PM.

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    Top 250 in BfG looking to recruit.

    deeznuts is looking for members to join our faction. We placed inside the top 250 in Battle for Greenland.

    451-102-206 faction invite.

    Looking for active players.

    Health regen +15
    Infantry defense +15
    Ground defense +10
    Air defense +10
    Sea defense +5
    Building defense +15
    Guild member Increase +12

    Hope to see you out there.

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    Dooms army is looking for you!

    Dooms Army is looking for serious players who are tired of being the only participants in their own factioin. We are very active in all events. All we ask is that a daily contribution is made to the faction and your full participation in the world events. There are no minimum level or experience necessary, we work together to build a stronger faction.

    My invite code: 439-370-104
    Dooms Army: 811-009-889

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    Thumbs up Looking to replace 2 members!

    Top 1000 in Brazil and Greenland! Need two new members to replace non participants. Need to be active and contribute! we currently have 32 members. 300161207

    Health regen:18%
    infantry def:20%
    ground def:15%
    air def:10%
    sea def:5%
    building def:25%
    building output:5%
    Last edited by Warzone; 02-19-2013 at 07:04 PM. Reason: Forgot the faction id

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    Top 250 faction. Hellraisersx

    Needed active players. Have 5 openings. 181399130 Invite code. Very well organized.

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    Cool BunchO'Big****Bastads is recruiting

    Faction: BunchO'Big****Bastads
    Leader: VooDoo
    Faction Code: 379 449 882

    28 members, 16 spots available

    Health Regen: +5%
    Infantry Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +10%
    Guild Member Increase: +8

    Came close to top 1000 with only 18/28 members in B4G.
    Setting a goal to reach top 1000 in next battle and to keep pushing forward. Need active dependable players that wanna be a part of a growing faction while having fun.

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    Hear the Call of Cthulu. Join Cthulu Cult!

    Looking for members. I have the cash if you have the concrete. Currently earning $1.5M / hour at level 41. Looking to build an awesome array of defense and attack bonuses for faction members. I just started a month ago but have already donated $126M to Cthulu Cult. Currently 10 building def., 10 infantry def., 5 artillery def., 5 air def. I will contribute $170M before the next faction war.

    Invite code 770487362

    Remember you must leave your current faction before you can join Cthulu Cult.

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    Top 100 faction has a few spots to fill! With the war over and you know whether or not you where happy with your current faction. We will be looking for fun active players, stats will need to be above 60k att and 60k def and you will be expected to donate blocks and money for fortifications! If you a gold player great but if not thats ok to. This is a fun group that enjoys playing this game! And we want you to be apart of it also!

    Casualty rate +15%, health regen +22%, ground att +10%, air att +15%, infantry att +15%, sea att +15%, infrantry def +25%, ground def +25%, air def +25%, sea def +25%, building def +25%, building output +20%, guild member increase +35, and we have a high stat defense leader. This is a very active good that's fun to be around! K1NG Faction code 235536108

    PM me if interested!!

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    Looking for Recruits !!

    looking for some decent daily players to join my fraction i have been solo for the fights an have been winning by myself but it gets hard looking for people to join befor the fight for Egypt takes place plz join

    Faction Name : Canadian Nation

    Faction Tag : ONT

    Faction Code : 203-656-429

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